Lokesh planning radical reforms in academic sector

Amaravathi, June 19: The young Minister for Education, IT and Electronics, Mr Nara Lokesh who has inherited the philosophy of perseverance until the task is completed from his grandfather, the TDP founder, Late Mr NT Rama Rao, and his father and Chief Minister, Mr Chandrababu Naidu, has begun his action plan much before he has taken charge as the Cabinet Minister.

Mr Nara Lokesh, who successfully won the polls with a historic margin of votes, without relaxing even for a minute, began discharging his duties from day one as the people of Mangalagiri have reposed immense faith in him. On the one side he is actively taking part in the Praja Darbar on daily basis to have the first hand information on the problems that the people are facing and on the other as the Minister for Human Resources Development (HRD) is holding review meetings with senior officers of the Education Department to bring in radical changes in the academic sector.

Very soon, Mr Lokesh will be meeting the leaders of various student unions and parent organisations to know the issues plaguing the education sector since long and also find solutions to these problems. The Minister has already formulated an action plan with a rare ideology to successfully complete this exercise. Mr Lokesh is very keen that the teachers should not be assigned any other task except supplying quality food during the mid-day meal for all the eligible and extending quality education to their students.

The main target of Mr Lokesh is providing all the basic amenities in the schools in the State, resolving all the issues pending for the past several years in higher education sector, recruitment of faculty by finding solutions to the issues pending before the courts for the past so many years and supplying quality school-kits to the students. On top of it all, Mr Loksesh has formulated a 100-day action plan to bring the past glory to the IT and Electronics sectors which lost its very existence during the previous five-year YSRCP rule in the State.

With his perspective not to take rest till he achieves what he aims at, Mr Lokesh acquired a star image among the entire youth in the State. Though he was the Minister for Rural Development, IT and Electronics only for a couple of years, from 2017 to 2019, he has undertaken various developmental projects in all the wings. In fact, Mr Lokesh has created a record of sorts by taking steps to construct 25,000 km long CC roads in the rural areas of the State.

Mr Lokesh won the most prestigious SKOCH Person of the Year Award in 2018 for the revolutionary changes that he has brought in in rural development and the Digital Leader of the Year award for introducing the latest technology in administration. For the successful implementation of various schemes in panchayat raj and rural development the State has been presented with the Innovation Award by the Centre and the department has also won another prestigious award of Kalam Innovation in Governance.

On behalf of India, Mr Lokesh got the special invitation in 2018 for the Annual Summit of the Entrepreneurship of the World Economic Forum held in China to represent the country. This apart, Mr Lokesh is the lone Indian leader who has been nominated for the Network of Global Future Councils of the World Economic Forum. With the progressive ideas, Mr Lokesh has invited globally renowned IT and electronics companies like HCL, TCS, Celcon and many others to set up their units in the State thus providing employment to thousands of youth.

With all his experience Mr Lokesh, now as the Minister for HRD, IT and Electronics is expected to bring in radical reforms in all these sectors to take the State much forward.

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