Massive response to Praja Darbar

Amaravathi, June 18: The Praja Darbar taken up by the Minister for Education, IT and Electronics, Mr Nara Lokesh, is a resounding success which is reposing total confidence among the people of Mangalagiri.

As there are no restrictions to reach the residence of Mr Lokesh, daily thousands of people are personally meeting the Minister and are submitting their appeals to him. Mr Lokesh is listening to everyone more patiently and is trying his best to repose faith and confidence among them that he will soon resolve their problems.

Since the problems of the people are pouring in, Mr Lokesh has set up a separate machinery to forward the issues to the departments concerned so that a solution is found at the earliest. Though Mr Lokesh is residing at the official residence of the Chief Minister, Mr Chandrababu Naidu, there are no official curbs. Generally, the Chief Minister’s official residence has stringent restrictions like the camp office of former chief minister, Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy, which is the best example for this when he was holding office. But the residence where Mr Lokesh is staying does not have any such security curbs and the common people can have easy access.

From 8 am everyday, Mr Lokesh is listening to all the people who are approaching him personally during Praja Darbar at his
official residence in Vundavalli, thus proving beyond any doubt as he promised during the election campaign that the doors of his residence are always open for the people of Mangalagiri. During the Praja Darbar on Tuesday, 70-year-old, Mrs Gundur Venkata Subbamma, made an appeal to Mr Lokesh, to come to her rescue by taking steps to sanction widow pension for her while Mr B Durga Prasad of Tadepalli requested Mr Lokesh to allot a house-site for him and also solve the drinking water problem in his area.

Mrs Chillapalli Veeramma of Mangalagiri requested Mr Lokesh to extend financial assistance for her grandson for his education while Mrs T Jayamani appealed for the revival of pension for her and the organisers of the Andhra Pradesh Mee Seva wanted that justice be done to the workers who are dependent on Mee Seva system. The representatives of the AP CPS Employees Association made an appeal to Mr Lokesh to initiate steps to lift the 1600 illegal cases filed against the members of the association across the State when they staged a protest in Vijayawada.

The representatives of the APMCA Association appealed to Mr Lokesh to regularise the services of those working for the Ayushmann Health Clinics in the State and also pay their salary dues pending for the past nine months besides revision of their salaries. Mrs V Durga Malleswari requested Mr Lokesh to provide employment to her son who has completed his B Tech.

The IT and Electronics Minister, Mr Nara Lokesh who has given a patient hearing to all of them promised them that he will take measures to resolve their problems at the earlier possible time.

ప్రజల కష్టాలు గుర్తించి అండగా నిలిచేవాడే అసలైన నాయకుడు పాతికమంది

వాట్సప్ సమాచారంతో మెరుపువేగంతో స్పందించిన మంత్రి లోకేష్ దివ్యాంగ విద్యార్థుల

అధైర్యపడొద్దు… అండగా ఉంటా! “ప్రజాదర్బార్” కు తరలివచ్చిన ప్రజలకు లోకేష్ భరోసా